7 Key Responsibilities of a Good Product Manager

 For a product manager to exist, there must be product management. In the creation or development of a product, an idea has to be birthed. The idea birthed goes through a whole lot of processes in the hands of time and professionals before it is transformed into a profitable product. The process doesn't end at the development stage but stretches further till it reaches the hands of the customer. This applies to developing an already existing one. Product Management involves coming up with a strategy and working out how to sell and market the product. With good product management, you build products customers can buy. 
         Product managers are the persons involved in the development and sales of products. They provide the aptitude needed to lead and make strategic product decisions. They are the mini CEOs of products. A product manager handles forecasting and analyses market constraints for products.

Responsibilities of a Product Manager

  1. Defining Product Vision and Strategy
    The product managers are responsible for setting the product’s vision and strategy. They ensure that the product assists the company’s overall strategy and goals. They layout various cards and options and prioritize the ones that you are closer to achieving your product goals. They are also responsible for the timeline that reports when the product will be delivered and most importantly what product will be delivered (road-map)
  2. Analyzing the Customer’s Need
    In Product Management, comprehending the market requirements is a key to a successful product. The product managers research, gather, and the customer’s needs and wants. They work hand in hand with the company’s customer support team to determine areas the current product is not addressing. Also, how to create solutions to those areas.
  3. Advocating
    The product are tasked with the duty of advocating for customers and their needs/wants. They are key players in the decision-making of any product in the customer as they ensure that the product developed is targeted towards the customer’s wants. They point to customer feedback constantly and determine what is appropriate for any product.
  4. Gather the team
    In Product Management, the product manager endures that engineering, sales, marketing, and customer service are working as a team to meet the business case and customer goals. They ensure that there exists strong communication between the departments and that the goals of the customers and company are properly communicated.
  5. Tests the Program
    The product managers run the pilot program. They also ensure that the work is repeatedly reviewed. That the product meets up with the customer’s expectations.
  6. Act As An Innovator
    Product managers are the CEO of Products. They determine whether customer needs can be met by iterating on the current product, or whether a new product altogether would be a better idea.
  7. A Presenter
    Product managers provide proper documentation on business cases, market needs, case studies, product comparisons, and competitor analysis.
    A product manager also develops pricing and positioning strategies. A product manager has to go with passion- building the products that customers will love. A great Product Manager needs to have attention to detail, excellent communication skills, knowledge about the market they’re working within, and industry trends to develop and oversee a successful product strategy.

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