Augmented Reality is getting serious

Before we get to know what augmented reality is, first of all, let us know what this word means if you have used Instagram and its different stickers and features you might be knowing about it already.

let’s get technical about what does augmented reality means – 

Augmented reality (AR) is an interaction of the real-world environment and existing objects with digital models by imposition in real-time.

 If explained in an easy language it gives you a feeling of the real environment as well as the virtual too because it imposes features and objects in the real environment which gives you both experiences.

If explained with an example when you use an AR software and open a camera all the objects in the image are in the real world but you use a virtual element in that image, an outcome in the form of video or image is generated in which virtual and real elements are present.

The best AR software is SparkAR etc.

You can superimpose text,  image, sound in the real-life scenes in AR.

Instagram uses AR filters by imposing different stickers on your face and image and are very popular nowadays.

AR is used in various fields nowadays.

1- In medical fields – From surgery to MRI it is used in various perspectives.

2- In the design industry – Engineers and architects are using augmented reality to know how their building will look after its creation, the 3D map and the 3D layout of the building give them a better idea to change the design and to give customer satisfaction.

3- In Education – Nowadays several various schools and teaching classrooms are trying to use augmented reality applications to enhance the teaching methods.

4- In Retail – in retail sector is creating a new history by using augmented reality and increasing their customer satisfaction as well as their retail price by using augmented reality, they give the option to the customer to sit at home and try lenses by just clicking the photo of their face and  trying different lenses in the virtual image of their face and buying them online.

5- In Business- the business sector is also experiencing a storm of augmented reality. DHL is already using its application by allowing its employees to use AR headsets and glasses in their warehouse to recognize the objects which have to be shipped.

The manufacturing sector also uses AR headsets and glasses for the manufacturing of products and their repairing.

The above applications have given you the idea that in the coming future augmented reality and its application will have a huge use in our real world so you can conclude that augmented reality is getting serious day- by day.

If we conclude the  augmented reality share value then, According to one estimate, the AR market will be worth between $70bn and $75bn by 2023.

Before ending this article let me tell you about the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality.

The biggest difference between VR and AR is that VR will cut you from reality and the real world and gives you complete virtual experiences whereas augmented reality gives you a real-time experience by using virtual elements.



  The coming future will be completely changed by augmented reality as you can travel the past by just using AR glasses and another device that enhances the educational and travel experience.



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