My best experience in Engineering life – NAMRATHA K.S

My best experience in engineering life.

The best experience can be experienced when we have a best people around us, for that we should love and understand ourselves first.

Life is full of surprises and miracles will sometimes become the best experience. In that I want to share my best experience in my engineering life. Spending time in the college and friends is the best experience.

Actually I was not interested to join engineering at first as I was interested in  the medicine field but know literally I am very happy that I have joined for engineering. First day of engineering was so much excited to see my new friends and campus. Then I had many friends in that I have two best friends. We use to bunking  classes ,  sit in the canteen when the classes get bored and playing cards and  also we used to play  online games like Ludo ,Uno cards etc  just because bored of listening theory classes.

 I travelled in the public buses for the first time in my life, Initially I was not knowing how to catch the bus as there were many students waiting for the same bus later after sometime I got an experience to catch the bus and learnt many tricks and the best thing is if we get the seat in bus it was feel like winning a oscar award.  Waiting for the lunch break just to watch the crush. Coming late to classes after the break and giving the best reasons so that teacher would believe and allow us to class. As teacher was having a good opinion on our gang they use to believe. We made many naughty things but at same time we were good at studies too. Participate, volunteer host organize as many cultural and technical events  and attending the college festival of other colleges and meeting our friends of that respective colleges and enjoying with them.

The first bunk was really unforgettable because we were new to engineering college  and bit scared to bunk and we thought we can bunk the classes and no one scolds, but the day we bunk the  college sent the message to all the parents  and all parents started calling to all the students to ask the regarding the bunking of classes then totally we wasted our time to explaining about the  class bunk to the parents.

 And for the first time we planned for a movie we went to a theatre which was nearby to our college but the bad thing is tickets were sold out then later we could not able to compromise ourselves as all were excited then we went  to one more theatre which was very far for the evening show and finally we watched the movie of our favorite star .

And for the first time I saw my crush in the bus stop,  from that daily I used to go out in a tea break just to watch him  then it took me around one year just to  find out his name . And I was very much scared to look at him initially and I was able to give him eye contact . And we both were from different branch and senior too. We were finding  reasons  just to go for their department . And the best reason we found is we went to his  class for campaigning   event which was organized from our department.

And more excited thing in college is ethnic day,  the day which  all students  eagerly waiting . The college campus will be looking very colorful and beautiful, All will be looking very handsome and beautiful. The day to impress their loved ones and taking photos  with the friends and keeping them as memories .That day  really I was very much excited to see my crush wear an ethnic wear and he looking  very handsome in dhoti and his beard was awesome .

Apart from this the unexpected best experience was attending online classes due to covid-19. For the first time in my life I have attended the online classes. Corona viruses came to our lives unexpectedly due to this pandemic disease all colleges were closed and E-learning method started  to follow government rules stay  home and stay safe . I have attended the  complete whole semester through online  classes it was efficient way but sometimes we were facing network issues.  We were able to learn new technologies in this time so it was very helpful to our placements.

It was all about my best experience and the feeling I felt.

Everyday of college is like a movie, full of drama, action, romance and horror. And just like every movie it will come to an end. Make a memorable ending .


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