My best experience in Engineering life – P.kalyani durga

My best experience in Engineering life

By palivela Kalyani durga

Hey everyone, what did you plan to gain during the Corona pandemic! Hope you are utilising your time very carefully. And also maintain all the precautions and stay safe .

   And now the topic I wanna share with you all is “what engineering taught me”.

Yeah as you all know I’m a pcm student who actually wants to join bipc. But fortunately all went wrong …I even feel regretful for that …..then all of a sudden I became a camp in my intermediate level…

   I started loving my studies and then my friends, relatives and cousins suggested to join btech so I would excel.

   But I was still wondering how I am so good at maths .           Then my parents convinced me  to join engineering…!

    And that was my first day of college. I’m very tense and dull at that movement, trying to fix myself mentally and physically to excel my graduation. There on the first day of my college engineering taught me how important role adjustment plays in one’s life.

  Then entered all my dirty friends. Actually that was the first meeting of us and we were all mean to each other …

      Days passed our friendship and bond got strong and therefore I learnt the value of friendship’.

      And initially I’m from an illiterate family, here by I mean my mother and father weren’t educated well and so I was very much poor in English….again there came my engineering college it taught me the value and made English easy to me….

   Engineering taught me how science makes things happen easier….

    All the programming languages I learnt taught me how to use and equipments in daily life

       Engineering taught me how to initiate a task with confidence…..

Mostly more than knowledge I gained wisdom.

       No one can explain how great they spent their btech life…..


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