My Favorite Technology – Mulla Heena


If we take some things in the universe, it can manage or happens by naturally means without taking the help of human-beings. Let, If you take a bird, you can question yourself that “Who was taught the birds how to make their nests ?” Birds can built their nests as such a way that a king building a palace as his desire by constructors. Birds create a beautiful houses (nests) with the help of their beaks. They do not use a single stone. They collect straws one at a time and put them in their place. Within a short time they complete their construction. Even if we try to make nest of birds with our hands and we fail to make it. It is dynamic that birds built their nests with their beaks. Like that so many animals and creatures are there which creates their own style of life.

Are inventions get from Nature ?

The answer is Yes. Some inventions that are already existed in nature. Iam keeping some inventions that what I have known. They are:

1. Velcro


3.Suction cups

4. Shinkasen bullet train


6.Brighter lightbulbs


Actually or might be there are some hidden inventions in nature that we are haven’t recognised them at all.

It is fine that we are inventing things from Nature but we are not greatful to the Nature. “Don’t shy or blush to Keep cleaning surroundings and houses. Because it is also and we are also part of the Nature“.

Remember one thing Nature also have feelings that it can show happiness and angriness too.


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