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Ethical Hacking : the Need of the Hour

Good Morning! this is Piyush Kashyap student of Computer Science Engineering at Government Engineering College, Ajmer (Rajasthan). When I saw this blog writing competition I made a technique to create a telephonic survey regarding this. I made a decision to ask people what they give some thought to this subject. My target was to seek out the queries among the technology students regarding the cyber security and ethical hacking. I received the amount of questions. I’m starting with answering the foremost common questions during this order of understanding the requirement of Ethical Hacking.

#What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is formed with two terms – Ethical + Hacking. Firstly we’d like to clarify its individual meanings, first is “Ethical” comes from the Greek ethos “moral character” and describe someone or behavior as right within the sense of right and wrong – truthful, fair, and honest. and therefore the half is “Hacking” – is defined because the unlawful use of another person’s or organization’s private data or its resources.

Hacker could be a term that refers to someone who takes interest into deep diving and understanding into the assorted technologies to boost its capacity and strengths.

Hacking may be legal if done with permission. If someone do hacking with authentic permissions for security purpose is named Ethical Hacker and this process is called as Ethical Hacking.

#What is that the need of Ethical Hacking?

The prime purpose of Ethical Hacking is to forestall sensitive data from falling into enemy hands. Its like an armor for your company from blackmail by people who willing to take advantage of the vulnerabilities. Via real – world testing, you’ll be able to enhance your digital network security and forestall security breaches.

#Is Ethical Hacking in demand?

The pay isn’t bad. the common information security analyst within the U. S. makes over $96,040 each year. one in every of the foremost in demand fields during this is Ethical Hacker – an IT professional who penetrates networks and systems purposefully to seek out and fix potential vulnerabilities.

#Is Ethical Hacking useful?

Ethical Hacking is extremely useful because it helps a corporation secure its systems from any security breach.

#Which site is best for Ethical Hacking?

Here are my personal favorite websites to learn ethical hacking and security – Cybrary, SecurityTube, Harvard/EDX, SANS Cyber Aces, LEAP and so on. But what I personally consider nobody can teach you the way to hack each and every possible resource just can explain you the method but the particular learning will come through practice only.

#Who is the father of hacking?

Kevin David Mitnick

#Who is that the no 1 hacker within the world?

Kevin David Mitnick(born Transfiguration, 1963) is an American computer adviser, author, and convicted hacker, best known for his status 1995 arrest and five years in prison for various computer and communications – related crimes.

#Who is that the no 1 hacker in India?

Ankit Fadia is an Indian author, speaker, television host, and self – proclaimed Ethical Hacker of computer systems, whose skills and ethics are debated.

#How much do hackers earn?

If the hacker uses a chunk of ransomware, on the average about .5% of these victims pay. This suggests that daily the hacker brings in about $3000. This brings the hackers monthly income, minus the $5900 in expenses, to $84,100.

#What is that the salary of Ethical Hacker in India?

In India on a median an authorized Ethical Hacker earns a median salary of Rs 3,67,249 each year which increases with experience cumulatively upto quite 15 lakh per year.

#What companies hire Ethical Hackers?

Popular companies for Certified Ethical Hackers(CEH) Certifications. Pay ranges for people with a CEH certification by employer. Wipro Technologies Ltd.

#Does Google hire Ethical Hackers?

Yes they are doing hire Ethical Hackers for penetration testing which basically implies that the hackers need to try to hack the software made by Google to make sure there are not any security flaws. These quite hackers are called “White Hat Hackers”.

#Why do they companies hire Ethical Hackers?

According to Eric Gerier, writing for PCWorld, government and business organizations are now hiring Ethical Hackers, also called White Hat Hackers, to forestall data theft. CBS News reported on the hacker hiring phenomenon, bringing out the instance of a firm called Bugcrowd, which helps companies connect with hackers.

#What are the advantages of Ethical Hacking?

  • Performing penetration testing to make more strengthen computer and network security.
  • To put adequate preventative measures in situ to forestall security breaches.
  • To have an ADPS that stops malicious hackers from gaining access.

#What do hackers study?

It is important for someone within the hacking field to be told quite one programming language. There are many programming languages to be told like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and so on. It’s essential for a hacker to be told quite one software system. There are many other operating systems but Windows, UNIX/LINUX, MAC OS etc.

#What are the various kinds of hackers?

  1. Black Hat Hacker
  2. White Hat Hacker
  3. Grey Hat Hacker
  4. Blue Hat Hacker
  5. Red Hat Hacker
  6. Script Hacker
  7. Green Hat Hacker
  8. Social Engineering Hacker

I am not going into these conceptual stuff as you’ll be able to get these details on Google.

#Why a corporation has to hire an Ethical Hacker?

As we all know the planet is now more obsessed on the digital marketplace. During this Era of Revolution, organizations are concerned about the privacy of their data and network security. There are multiple reasons for your organization to rent an Ethical Hacker, but mostly so if you concentrate on your data to be critical and you’re not visiting compromise the protection of your network or system.

  • Defensive Strategy with Offensive Approach
  • Limits Your Liability
  • Handling Sophisticated Attacks with the Growing Force of Dark Web and Malicious Hackers
  • Protect the Credibility of Your Organization
  • Reduction in Losses
  • Easy Cloud Transition

To conclude the article I need to say that the work “hacker” carries weight. Hacking could also be defined as legal or illegal, ethical or unethical. As we all know that technology is growing so fast and it’ll still do so.

With technological development there are many faces of one technology.

Human mind is incredibly powerful tool and truly has no control. Hackers will always find a way bent on get into the system, no matter seeing good or bad intentions. It’s my hope that in future hackers and ethical hackers will have alternative ways out for doing the items.

They will be differentiated in keeping with the work given to them. No ethical hacker are going to be considered as a hacker. But as a user we also confirm for a few things like we’ve to stay ourselves updated and have sufficient knowledge about those software which are being employed for official purpose.

We always consider the software which comes from reliable sources. we’ve to use every potential security dealings like Honey Pots, Intrusion Detection Systems and Firewalls etc. We also confirm that each time our password must be strong and difficult to crack by any hacker.

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