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Are you guys familiar with the term Ergonomic

Ergonomics is derived from two Greek words, ‘ergon’ meaning work, and ‘nomos’ meaning laws. Ergonomics is a branch of science related to the design of workplaces, products and systems to best fit those who use them. 

Well if you are concern with this your mind would have drag you to the various sitting positions maybe it is in your work place or in-car. Well most of them who are concerned to automobiles must have heard it but maybe not knowing its depth. Ergonomics play a vital role not only in auto sector but also in our day-to-day life in various field and departments.

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their workplace or Designing the workplace according to ones need for effective output


Your posture while working in the workplace also have great impact on your day-to-day task which results your efficiency of work. Also talking of youth who spend lots of time sitting in improper way and slouching in front of computer may lead to the back pain, neck, shoulder problem. So ergonomically design equipment had proven effective in many cases
Equipment such as monitor risers, sit stand desk, work stations and other ergonomic accessories.
So here are some basic things you can do while working.

  • Adjust chair to a such height that your elbow resting on armrest should match your desk level. Most important is chair must be adjustable and recline.
  • 90°/90°/90° position of your body.

First 90° angle between back and hip, Next 90° angle in knees and last 90°in ankles.
As most of the people scoot way far forward on the chair which result stress into lower back and also causes shoulders to reaching towards keyboard due to which forward head posture can arise. So to avoid the scoot, a bit of recline angle may accept

  • Adjust the monitor height and distance.

There should be one arm distance from monitor which is comfortable enough read the things, to close can cause strain to your eyes.
Height of monitor should be at eye level. This can be done by monitor risers or even by stacking something below it.

  • Mouse and keyboard location

Mouse should be placed somewhere which can cause our arm to 90°
Keyboard must be not far as it will make you to always lean forward which can curve your shoulders.

Talking about laptops, using laptop workstation can help us to use it in a proper way instead of frequently leaning forward to see the buttons on keyboards and also cover all the points and if mouse is wireless it can be access as mentioned.
This few thing will definitely increase our productivity of the work by completing daily task in time without any stress and pain.
Eventually completing daily task on time; targets can achieve; achieving targets manager will impress and so your promotion!!! is fix whoa that’s great deal… Besides there are some exercises and one must take a break of few seconds.


Now the same scenario can be implemented on other fields as well. Talking about this terminology relating to the auto field, it had gain lots of importance. Insights of this was heavily seen only in the luxury and premium vehicles but knowing its key role almost every company had dive into it. This doesn’t mean that they were not considering this term before, they were using it but not getting that deep as of now. The ergonomics includes analysis of accommodation of driver and/or passengers; their comfort; vision inside and outside vehicle; control and display design; pedal behavior, information processing and cognitive load during driving etc.
One of the best example is
We all have seen the Formula 1 (F1) racers car. Its steering position, pedal, cockpit, seat arrangement is greatly situated and ergonomically design. Due to which driver carry out his purpose by giving his best that to with comfort drive.

Now most of the car are equipped with 4-way, 6-way, 8-way power seat through which driver can adjust according his comfort and in given direction according to height, eyesight, handling of steering and reach of our foot towards pedals not only this but to release the stress on back. For instance, if you’re a driver and place of your seat is so that your feet barely reach the pedals, you may induce unnecessary strain on your arms, just as sitting too close can cause leg or back pain. Moreover seat position, posture and time spent in the car all can affect a person’s health so there are various messages and cushioning effects are provided to seat as well. Most important seat back rest angle is recline up to 30° with respect to the design consideration. which eventually give a pain-free ride with better performance


As construction is a physically demanding work environment, site workers are often at risk of long-term injury. Back sprains and strains are the most common disabling injuries, often due to overexertion and bodily motion. Ergonomics intervention seems to be very effective method for improving the architecture design process.

The table lists some of the most common risk facing construction works and the ergonomic solutions.




Tasks that involve low work, such as using factory tools, hand screeding concrete.

Require repetitive bending, kneeling and squatting. Can cause fatigue, pain and injury.

Auto-feed screw guns with extension, motorised screeds, all enable the worker to stand upright while operating.

Work that involves repetitive kneeling.

Kneeling on a hard surface puts a lot of direct pressure on knees. Working in kneeling positions for long periods of time can lead to problems such as knee osteoarthritis.

Portable kneeling creeper with chest support reduces stress to knees, ankles and lower back.

Bending and twisting body during masonry or roofing work.

Frequent stooping causes fatigue and puts stress on lower back, increasing chance of injury. Risk of injury also high if twisting quickly, especially when handling heavy objects.

Split level adjustable scaffolding allows for less stooping because the materials and work surface are kept near waist-height which is more comfortable and stresses the body less.

Overhead drilling work.

Long periods of keeping arms and neck in fixed, hard-to-hold positions can lead to serious muscle or joint injuries.

Bit extension shaft for drill or screw gun so it can be held below shoulder and closer to the waist.

Lifting heavy blocks.

Can cause fatigue and strain, may lead to injury.

Lightweight concrete blocks weigh considerably less than solid blocks and can be carried easier.

Lifting large windows and sheet materials.

Puts stress on back and shoulders. Injuries can be more serious when having to work in awkward positions or holding materials for long periods of time. Manual placing can also lead to hand injuries.

Vacuum lifters can be used, which attach to windows and flat panels and remove the need for manual handling.



Relating with the current scenario this Pandemic have made all of us a couch potato’s. Work from home which was quite interesting thing had become hectic because not being very physically active as, staying at one place for long period with wrong posture end up hurting your back. As of in office arrangements are ergonomically well design. Also in office there is opportunity for movement from one cubic to another cubic for work related issues, for suggestions or gossips. Whereas at home we sat for hours until the work gets finished. That give rise to spine problems.
This problem is manageable if taken the right steps. “Understand that backache is something that is very common. 80 percent of individuals will have backache at least once a year, while 60 percent of us will have it more than once a year, when taken care of properly, it won’t cause any lasting damage.” Says the expert
Timely breaks, stretching and exercise will help to deal with this pain.
Wrist and fingers are the other parts that can affect due to our hectic routine. Fingers getting stiff, wrist cramps are the thing we can undergo with. So above mentioned few steps can be implemented and can make some slight changes in our work space in home itself.

So ergonomics play a major role in different sectors. The role of ergonomist in some of the field is underrated. They are seen as the outsiders by design professional or treated as an occasional expert. In some of the cases they are called at the end of the project and comprise the things. By doing some minor changes within and around us we can see great results. Ignoring this small changes on daily basis can really affect on body which we are totally unaware of such things.


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