What Engineering has taught me – Amrita Bhattacharjee

What engineering has taught me? 


 Time management is the most important part of life which helps everyone to do the jobs. We all have to manage our time as we all engage in various extracurricular activities. Engineering has taught me to manage my time and it has taught me how to do it. It has taught me that we have to use our knowledge in practical which helps us to understand our studies. It shows us that we can study at that time which is preferable for us. It taught us that we don’t need any other private tutions and we can study in our colleges itself. 


Engineering has taught me how to face a difficult situation with skills. It has taught me how to become an Entrepreneur and also it helps me to gain various skills and knowledge through which I can gain my knowledge. 


While studying in school the environment is always like very much comfortable but in college it doesn’t happen.  We realize that life is hard and we have to deal with it. We begin to understand the complexity and cruelty of the outside World .Engineering has taught me how to deal with these difficulties and how to become a successful one. 


College life taught me that contacts are more important among the higher officials. A little bit of praising helps a lot to achieve the goal. Networking is very much important in every purposes. Engineering life taught me how to build up a strong network with the professors & not only the same class students but also with the seniors & juniors. 


Engineering has taught me that we have to implement our thoughts. It shows me that the theory is not the enough to do but however if we don’t use the theoretical part in our practical uses then it may not be possible to live a last long impression in our minds. 


Engineering taught me what is maturity and how to gain this. Actually to me maturity is a thing that we can’t gain ourselves. Engineering has taught me how to complete my studies by my own and also to think about our future jobs. Maturity comes when we are trying to get various skills to achieve our goals and engineering has taught me how to improve myself for achieving the goal of life. 


At last, I want to convey a message here that engineering is not only about the domains like electronics and communication engineering, computer science and engineering, mechanical, electrical etc but it is the thing that is for life. It helps to gain various knowledge about our lives.


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