What Engineering has taught me – CHAITHRA OMKAR


When I was stepping into a deep ocean called Engineering, I was happy as a mermaid which lives inside a deep ocean!

But I never realized the shark inside the deep ocean may harm me!

Though I have not yet completed my engineering journey. I have realized myself the journey I completed in my first 2 years has taught me much to carry over

my next 2 years of my engineering.

Let me narrate my first 2 years of engineering to you guys as a short story.

Girl who named Ria was happy the way she was and proud of herself always. Friends were her world until her 12th grade. Everyone unfortunately scattered to different ocean, called engineering colleges! Still, she had a hope that she may end up making a good peer group in her engineering college and make

cherishing memories with them.

Guys sometimes we cannot except everything we think it happens in our life.

Later, the very first day of her engineering Ria met a small-town girl. The bloom on her fellow friend’s face made her so happy that her hopes raised that she fortunately met good friend where she can have countless memories before her engineering journey ends.

Months passed away both were close friends and they even completed their final exams of first semester. 

Ria unfortunately flunked in one of the lab exams, which made large impact on Ria because she did not fail in her academics until 12years of her journey hence the starting few weeks of announcement of her results she was hesitant to go to college! Thinking what if others think I am a loser? What if my nerdy only friend avoids me due to my result? 

Finally, she decided not to sit back home and think nonsense and she taught of going to college!

Surprisingly, her nerdy friend, small town girl whom Ria met on her first day of College Drastically started acting weird making friends with people who study! Avoiding Ria only because of her marks and purely judging her by her grades!

Ria was completely avoided by her only friend whom she had!

Ria was not ready to make new friends because of her past experience of her nerdy friend! Unfortunately, she made a fellow friend from her class whom she was not much close during her 1st semester named Dravid they both become best friends only talking in phone after college due to some circumstances Dravid used to not talk to her in class!

Ria again turned her hope back that she got one boy as her best friend.

Dravid was having good peer group who used to hate Ria only because of her outer looks and dress code.

Guys please do understand people with bad looks are not bad.

Dravid ending up breaking his friendship with Ria only because of his friends who spoke behind and taunt Dravid by questioning him how you can just make friend with this kind of girl?

Why is this girl behind you? though they were best friends everyone started taunting Dravid by taking Ria and Dravid pic and making fun!

These things made Dravid to trigger and he ended up taunting Ria to become thin, Beautiful, etc

Ria always want her friends to like her the way she was because of Dravid.

Ria went to depression by her overthinking thoughts! Ria used to always stand front of mirror and cry!

By thinking girls who are plump and not good enough to look can’t even make her own friends do she have to even think to make friends do others want to think to surround themselves by only cool friends & a number of thoughts came to her mind.

Ria again flunked in 3 other subjects due to these dirty thoughts in her external exams.

Best think happened in 2nd semester of Ria’s engineering journey was she met a teacher known as Priya.

Priya ma’am one who tapped her back and reminded her that it is okay if you fail, it is okay if you have no friends, stay strong everyone comes to you at right time.

Ria fought back with all her depressed thoughts and cleared all the subjects & cried her heart out.

The 2nd Year of engineering, Ria end up entering to main branch of her course one month late due to her backlog exams but again she was not the same whom she was during her first year of her engineering though they were back talks though they were no friends Ria was ok with it .This time not only back talks Ria also met few teachers who always betrayed students by their grades this made Ria to completely focus only on her academics and she end up getting an average CGPA during her 3rd semester of 2nd year and fortunately lateral entry students made her happy and she had good peer group at the end of 3rd semester because of their support she ended up scoring bit well than her previous year!

This made her happy and she had good peer group at the end of 3rdsemester because of their support she ended up scoring bit well than, her previous year!

By this time 1 and half year of engineering life Ria had developed a habit where she started to express all her thoughts and feeling in the form of poems in a book

where she cannot express to anyone. 

An imaginary dream come true all of a sudden during her quarantine holidays, I mean 4th semester of 2nd year. All her thoughts turned into book of short poems and she end up publishing it on Amazon kindle.

Shaped out herself as a good writer! All her Friends who betrayed her, one of who spoke behind her, one who left Ria because of her weak-minded friends Ended up texting Ria congratulating her for publishing her book.

Sharing Ria’s 2 years of engineering journey as for time being comes to an end. it has taught me many life lessons to carry over for next 2 years and to lead my life too

  1. Stay strong no matter how people around you fight back until right time comes out.
  2. Never betray yourself, think of different opportunity which will enhance your carrier.
  3. Self confidence is the main thing where one should never lose in one’s life.

I have 2 more years to go & guys i will give my best and try to fight back in my deep ocean.

I would like to request you guys never betray anyone around

Always turn around your class and see who really needs your help.

If possible, help them before you judge them.

Thank you, guys, for reading my short story.


34 thoughts on “What Engineering has taught me – CHAITHRA OMKAR”

  1. It’s a wonderful story & inspiring to many others . Seriously it made me cry ,very heart touching…keep moving the same RIA, I wish you a good luck further…….

  2. I’m a medical student …. still a ‘student’ so can understand..
    These criticisms happens everywhere.
    The way u explained is so well and infictious …
    And it’s the basic thing that every student and teacher should inculcate..

  3. William Shakespeare

    Common story, not soo interesting.., simply you dragged the story to fill the page,juz a time waste to readers😑


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