What Engineering has taught me – Pooja K

About engineering, i took BE computer science and engineering from East west institute of technology, Banglore. I learned some programming like c programming,java,python,learnt Unix, Computer organisation,web development,data structures…… seriously i could not remember much.. to be frank all these not  only in exam point of view but I to learn programming… About people and life in general, met many people most of them from Banglore and some from north states. Every person is unique but we could find some sort of similarity if get in close with them. Some guys where really one of a kind, some hyperactive, introverts, acting like over matured, advise guys, selfish,college romeo, teachers pet, like wise i met lot of guys. It was hard to understand some guys as if they where hiding something from me.Some guys limited everything in just a smile. About life, i became more confident, strong and even i had situations where i had to survive alone.one of the best thing i have learnt finance management.lIt was a better feeling to save some of our friends from some sort of punishments or suspensions by simply accepting the whole crime as i have done it alone.Then a little bit of event organization and management skill. When I joined BE in 2014 in East west institute of technology, Banglore.But in Bangalore I used to stay at hostel.In college we can find Curious students, good lectures, hifi cafeteria, well equipped labs, big library, and so on… everything was as like that during my first sem and my first sem was like hell because I have no frnds. When I came to my core department,I got good friends, the atmosphere was same as i had expected, there was no control from authorities.Then i found entertainment in bunking classes and going out…It was some what similar to an arts college actually there were so many fests which will be conducted from the college but I have never attended even single fest but I have attended ethnic day were everyone will come in ethnic ware which feels osm… Finally I have completed 4years of engineering and am a 2020 passed out student where we are named as corona out going batch.we feel like we are the most unlucky batch because we haven’t got farewell, graduation,send off party nothing because of covid-19 so we feel unlucky…bt still we got virtual farewell so am happy for that and finally feels sad because I gonna miss my college days and my dear friends at college…….where it taught me a good lesson and I have leard to work individually like I won’t depend on my friend for anything and I have learnt to work in a group because we have done group projects.I got to know how people will change according to the situation so that I want to be wise to handle such situations Engineering Life is a best life which taught me what is life without money, without friends, without support….so that I got an best experience so that I can handle any situation alone now….so engineering Life taught me a lesson for life


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