Bubble Sort

Bubble sort is a straightforward sorting method. This sorting algorithm is a comparison-based method that compares each pair of adjacent elements and swaps them if they are not in order. Because its average and worst-case complexity are Ο(n2), where n is the number of items, this approach is not suitable for huge data sets.


We assume list is an array of n elements. We further assume that swap function swaps the values of the given array elements.

begin BubbleSort(list)

   for all elements of list
      if list[i] > list[i+1]
         swap(list[i], list[i+1])
      end if
   end for
   return list
end BubbleSort

Pseudocode –

procedure bubbleSort( list : array of items )

   loop = list.count;
   for i = 0 to loop-1 do:
      swapped = false
      for j = 0 to loop-1 do:
         /* compare the adjacent elements */   
         if list[j] > list[j+1] then
            /* swap them */
            swap( list[j], list[j+1] )		 
            swapped = true
         end if
      end for
      /*if no number was swapped that means 
      array is sorted now, break the loop.*/
      if(not swapped) then
      end if
   end for
end procedure return list

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