Quick Sort

Quick sort is an extremely efficient sorting technique that divides a large array of data into smaller arrays. A huge array is split into two arrays, one of which contains values less than the specified value, say pivot, on which the partition is based, and the other of which contains values larger than the pivot …

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Shell Sort

Shell sort is a sorting algorithm that is based on the insertion sort algorithm. If the smaller value is on the far right and must be relocated to the far left, this technique avoids huge shifts as in insertion sort. This algorithm employs insertion sort on widely distributed elements, first sorting them and then sorting …

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Merge Sort

Merge sort is a sorting technique that is based on the divide and conquer method. It is one of the most respected algorithms, with a worst-case time complexity of O(n log n). Merge sort divides the array into equal parts before combining them in a sorted fashion. Algorithm Merge sort keeps on dividing the list …

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