Robots: A New Revolution

Contents: Introduction|Uses of Robots|Robots in society|Future Development and Trends|Miscellaneous|Conclusion We, humans, are really intelligent and hardworking creatures when compared to other creatures. That is why we are leading the world now. But up to what extent? We work hard every day and struggle. We also do works that are very risky to a normal human …

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Chatbot and Business

In Today’s era of technology, the Chatbot are rapidly splashing into the business industries which improves the business productivity, resolve problems smarter & faster and enhance the customer experience. Digital chatterbots that mimic human conversations for solving various tasks are becoming increasingly popular as messengers become more widely used.  INTRODUCTION: The introduction of chatbots into …

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Merits and Demerits of Virtual Reality

Contents: Introduction to Virtual Reality|Types of Virtual Reality|Companies Working on VR|Merits and Demerits|Conclusion Introduction to Virtual Reality or Virtual World : Virtual World or Virtual Reality means the same. A virtual world is a computer-simulated environment where a person creates his/her avatar and can explore the virtual world and also socialize with other users virtually. …

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