Binary Search

Binary search is a quick search algorithm with an O run-time complexity (log n). This search algorithm operates on the divide and conquers principle. The data collection should be sorted for this algorithm to perform properly. Binary search looks for a certain item by comparing the collection’s middlemost item. If a match is found, the …

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Linear Search

Linear search is a straightforward search technique. A sequential search is performed across all objects one by one in this sort of search. Every item is verified, and if a match is discovered, that item is returned; otherwise, the search continues until the data collection is completed. Algorithm Linear Search ( Array A, Value x) …

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Hash Table

A hash table is a data structure that stores data associatively. Data is kept in an array format in a hash table, with each data value having its own unique index value. When we know the index of the needed data, we may get it extremely quickly. As a result, it becomes a data structure …

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