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My Best Experience In Engineering Life

Whenever  I heard or read anywhere  the term  so called “College Life or Engineering life” i feel nostalgic and  reminds me of those best  days in my life that i will never get back. So it all started back in 2015 when I have completed my 12th standard and i was eagerly waiting for my result(JEE and CBSE) to come and in the mean time everyone(even though i have never talk to them in my entire life)   was giving me advice  regarding my carrier and some of the advice  was similar to as usual like “Sharma ji ka ladka type example” but  i was fascinated about physics and wanted to peruse my carrier in that only .So at that time their was only two option for me  either to take admission in BSc or engineering . Finally the d-day come and i achieved good marks in both(jee and cbse)everyone was happy about my result and parsing me like a king. And decide to take admission in best engineering college from that movement onward  my engineering life started.

In my four year engineering life there are ‘n’ number of experience weather it is bad or good  but it will take four to five days to complete this blog ,so I will share only four of my best experiences. When I was in my first year my class teacher gave me  the opportunity to handle or volunteer  a national level Engineering event in our College and it was my best experience as it give me brief idea about my final year project as well as it guide me how to handle event or group of people(in mechanical engineering there is term called 5M which is Man,Machine,Money,Material,Method) that i learned or experience in my first year itself.

The second experience was clearing all subjects within one day of study preparation  in the  third year with distinction as third year was considered to be one of the most difficult year. This experience taught me that i am quick learner and can achieved success within a stipulated time.

Third  best experience was with my friends when we plan to go goa by bike,it was my first ever  long tour experience   and interesting fact was that I never told my parents about the trip  till today.

Now come to the  last experience  in my fourth year when our teacher told us to choose a project guide and we choose project coordinator who was very kind and helpful, and  under his guidance we published one paper in International journal and  used to worked day and night to complete and achieved the good result. Finally the main purpose was to get good marks as he was coordinator naturally  he have to give good marks. Through this I learn that in your life u always keep in contact with important or source full people because u never know any Pearson can help in future same concept applied during your job.

Finally I would say enjoy your engineering days  as much as you can because once it is over it will never come back and try to learn new things on daily basis. Make new friends ,go out for long tour and at last respect teacher and  parent as they are well wisher and always give best advice to you.


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