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What engineering has taught me             


2nd of July, midnight, a squad of night owls, active on “wingineers” , a WhatsApp group ,laughing, giggling under the blanket, sharing snaps of their beautiful memories together, suddenly began a discussion on their engineering life, their learning experiences and memories. I revolving my mind across these two years of my engineering life, ended up with the conclusion that engineering has been the most vital and learning phase of my life and it still continues to be.

The first lesson that we learnt on our first step to the engineering life is being self dependent and adaptive to all the situations ,people and enviroment. Building healthy relations with everyone is very necessary as we meet many new people with different views, opinion and nature. Its the first step where it’s only you for most of your decisions, needs and requirements. So we have to become strong, bold and confident enough to tackle all these situations bravely. 

Although it is a 4 years course with 40 different subjects to be studied and tackled with but it gives a lesson and memory for lifetime. Interacting with professor’s, seniors and batchmates, greeting them, make us technical and proffesional. The most important thing that we learn is that practical knowledge and concept is the most relevant thing that we need to survive in this highly globalised and competitive world.

The two basic mantra which engineering has gifted me with is ” always give your 100%” in anything you do or attempt and ” always live in the present moment ” . If we give our 100% in every situation then there will not be any chance of regret. Living in the present moment and being optimistic is the key to success.

Engineering leads to all round development of a person. It leads to the development of the technical skills, the entrepreneur skills. Participating in different hackathon’s and start up programs gives an extra edge to the students to make their career in the field of business and solve out the different problems of the world with their great ideas. Apart from the technical skills, a person learns different life skills, whether it be time management, stress management, handling the different situations of pressure , respect for seniors, friendly relationship with colleagues, helping nature for juniors. Managing to submit the assignments on time along with the regular studies make us responsible and disciplined. The most biggest thing that we learn is that every one must have a specific goal in their life and must work really hard to achieve it. As it is said ‘ shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars ‘.

Everyone shared their perspectives and thoughts, words were less to describe what engineering has really taught us. It has changed the real meaning of life. Accidently my eyes struck on the clock, it was 5:00 am in the morning and we realised that the lockdown due to corona virus pandemic has lead to the self realisation of ” what engineering has taught us ” and its importance in our life. We wished and prayed that the world could overcome this situation soon. Life and everything becomes normal again, so that we could be back to our college and enjoy rest of our engineering life and create memories once again. 


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