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I Love PYTHON!! Python is one of the programming languages which is easy to use. It is powerful and versatile, making a great choice for beginners and experts in various engineering fields. Python was created by Guido Van Rossum and was released in 1991.

It is easy to learn as a first language and a valuable skill-set to have in any programmers stack because of its diverse usage,easy understandability and reliability. It is a versatile tool that can be useful in just about any career, so it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. My personal favorite language of all time.

Fun fact: Python is not named after the snake but is named after the British TV show Monty Python.

So, what about the name “Python”? Most people think about snakes, and even the logo depicts two snakes, but the origin of the name has its root in humour.

Over six years ago, in December 1989, Guido was looking for a ‘hobby’ programming project that would keep him occupied during the week around Christmas. His office  would be closed but he had a home computer and not much else on his hands. 

He chose Python as a working title for the project, being in a slightly irreverent mood (and he was a big fan of Monty Python’s Flying Circus).

His frustration with ABC has led to the development of Python. He once with his frustrations decided to try to design a simple scripting language that possessed some of ABC’s better properties, but without its problems. So he started typing and created a simple virtual machine, a simple parser, and a simple runtime. He made his own version of the various ABC parts that he liked. He created a basic syntax, used indentation for statement grouping instead of curly braces and developed a small number of powerful data types: a dictionary, a list, strings, and numbers.

I Love Python because:

1)Setup is like a piece of cake:

Setting up Python is so easy that even a school level senior student should be able to bootstrap with Python code in minutes.

2)Tons of Libraries:

Be it data science, numerical analysis, image manipulation, GUI, Internet of Things (IOT) there are libraries available for all use cases.Having clear, concise semantics, coupled with an interactive shell and loose typing makes it very easy to ‘think in python’ when designing solutions. The substantial pip libraries provide ready solutions for common problems allowing me to just focus on the fun stuff.

3)Web Programming Programming:

For the web is critical and Python has a huge bound with a large of number of frameworks like Django, Flask and Pyramid. We can create a simple blog to powerful SaaS services in Python.

4)Mature and Open Source:

Python is open-source, which means everyone can access and work on it. If the bugs do happen, everyone works on fixing it. It’s a team effort in a team game.

If anyone find a bug, they can either fix it their-self or just register it (aka. pawn it off on someone else). No one is making money so everyone is improving it for the  community. That’s useful for beginners as well as for experts because problems get solved quickly.

5)Many Career Opportunities:

There is such a huge trend in the raise of career opportunities for Python. You can see that the average salary for Python developer is US$10,000 approx. and there are almost 6000+ monthly jobs advertised for Python. This is something that is to be loved. With the rise of Big data, Cloud computing, Machine learning Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence powers Python has a bright future and it will live forever.

6)Python Is Reliable and Efficient:

It is speedy, reliable and efficient. We can work with and deploy Python applications in nearly any environment, and there’s little to no performance loss no matter what platform you work with. Again, because it’s versatile.

We are not bound to a single platform or domain, and it offers the same experience everywhere.

Thank you so much for reading and giving your valuable time to my blog. Just hit the like button if it’s been bit helpful for you.

All the best for your future.


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