My best experience in Engineering life – Taranjot Singh

My Best Experience in Engineering Life Taranjot Singh

Once upon a time , there was a boy named taran who lived in a small town of beautiful city Patiala. From his birth he always used to live alone in his own world. Everyone makes fun of him just because his thoughts were different from others and he even don’t care of it. That’s unique thinking lead him towards the road of Engineering.

After taking admission in Chandigarh Engineering College, finally his story gets divided into four different worlds……..

Taran and the beginning of dream world

As every student dream to take admission in some big college but he never had such type of dream . he always just want to fulfill his dream of creating some unique things in his life and engineering lead him to do this. In first week he learned about future… what will happen during the time of placements , it was just like a different thing for him that why there are talking about that thing which is going to happen after three years. Then after few weeks his life become similar as it always used to be. It was not  like a college for him, it was just like school for him just the difference is periods get converted into lectures and books get converted into notes,  As it is the trend of almost every college. Then finally his first semester come to an end with a feeling of getting failed in one or two subjects ….but results come out with good marks. Then with the beginning of second semester he used to act like like a monk that every student does. He always used to waste his time in studies…..someone please tell him that college degree with good marks does not let you to become a successful engineer and with a bad luck he come to know about this in his third sem………..yes his first year get finished.

Moral :- “ yeh toh trailor hai ….picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”

Taran and the Switching into Mirror World

Finally after successfully completing first year he switched into the mirror world. Mirror world is like that …..’samjhata hoon confused mat hua karo itna’. The monks who spend their whole time with their girlfriend named – ‘Physics’, ‘maths’,’bee’,……..and many more suddenly get changed and those mighty heroes who have girlfriends with names ‘riya’, ‘priyanka’, ‘alia’ turned into pure monks as they used to spend their time with gf of monks and he is thinking like “ yaar inhone apni bandiyaan exchange kar li……????”. So the rest of the world remain same just the roles get exchanged and he  always think like that he has switched into the mirror world. So lets hope every thing get normal again in third year.

Moral :- “Jo dikhta hai vo hota Nhi, or jo hota hai vo dikhta nhi”

Taran and the age of Demons

As the name suggests third year is just like surrounding himself with the demons

because the teachers whom he met in first year appears to him like angels from heaven and they suddenly get changed into demons from hell. As he step into third year he used to met with that type of demons who give him pain as like they are frying him in hot oil.

Every teacher used to force every student that every student will pursue any online course and get the certification as their believe is that certification has more importance than college degree and slowly slowly fond of certifications increase at a very high rate in every student that if they are going to marriage they ask their parents “ Will we get participation Certificate…??”.

Now to swallow all the frustration of daily life every student used to sing a very famous song by sharry maan “ Mainu ik din de layi hostel wala kamra de deyo jiiii…….main yarran nal othe daruu peeni hai”. By singing this song all the sorrow will get vanished in just a seconds and finally having half century in collection of online certifications  taran  jumped into the last level of this game.

Moral :- “Daruu is the medicine of  all engineering students.”

Taran and the end of the world

Now finally after facing all ups and downs taran has cleared all the levels of this game and he is ready to end this game. As ready means he has fully prepared himself for the 

Placements but somehow he also afraid for this as he thinks that what if he don’t get placed in any company he will not be able to accomplish his dreams , how he will face his parents with no job .  if I say this is not the problem of only taran,, this is the problem of every final year engineering student as rather than doing practicing they start dealing with god like” Bhagwan agar meri job lagvado gena toh main roZ mandir AA kar 100rs ka matha tekoonga bhagwan “…… and I m thinking like “ bhagwan bhi bol rahe honge……yrrr main recruiter thodi na hoon” and finally slowly slowly in his friend circle they all get placed in reputated companies but  also they complete the deal with the god. i m thinking like one who don’t get job how they are feeling like  “College wali Gt road toh kine rah nikle ,,, kuch nu milgi nokri kuch hoke tabah nikle”’….well if we talk about those who get placed how their parents will feel for them like “kaure kaure sapne mere …… barso se the kitne adhoore….dheere dheere rang saja k tune kar diye unko poore”. now he has his degree in his hands and celebrating that last day of college and that day was the best ever in his life. Eyes of everyone were full of tears of happiness and enjoy the farewell party.

Moral :- Not only Engineering have best experience every degree has its own experience in a unique style, but the need is best human values.                                


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