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Subject:what engineering has taught me

I donʼt have a point where to start from,ok let me start from my passout from intermediate.as ever student faces chaos what college to join and what stream would they choose for Iʼve also gone through the same path and I decided to join the LPU which was a good choice of mine Iʼve learnt many new things and made many new friends too it was very first time I went out ..it was difficult for me to mingle with all the friends out there but luckily I found many good peeps.the journey at lpu was amazing,unfortunately due to health issue i must return to my home town and join 

engineering from scratch again..so Iʼm left with no choice but joining a college in my hometown.here goes,the very new segment of my life..i am surrounded by strangers and i donʼt even knew a single person out there..you know how that feels 

lately i made few friends and had a lot of fun and I opted cse which i was so much into it.so,the story begins now..all my friends are good with me but everyone isnʼt good at back too..i took many days to digest it..few are very good because i have some knowledge which attracted them toward me ,few were jealous but the fact is most of my friends just used my skills and just made me feel 

alone..that feeling you are just alone ..those friends less lunch ,enjoyment less parties,loneliness ugh….I turned my mixed feelings into my studies and working up late nights on enhancing my skills up,which is very important these days that was my best idea to invest my time into.atmost people are not good with me but god just listened me and gifted me one best friend she is friend who does not expect anything but good friendship..i was gifted by her when i was in second year.Iʼm so grateful that i have a true friend now doesnʼt matter how many friends you have what matters is how true are they..Here the true fun 

begins she and me just have fun all the time which I needed mostly.and we are good multitaskers we manage both fun and studies at equal level.so i was experienced many bad things which made me really strong inside and out.i was so upset at the time i was going through it but now i feel thankful those moments made me change totally positive..last but not least my family was there when ever I needed which helped me in many ways ..so the ending is please donʼt give up on anything how hard it may be after experiencing all the downʼs you are going to thank the bad moment for teaching you a lesson.i learned many things which I 

personally didnʼt think I would learn.this is what engineering has taught me..THANK YOU quote:“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” 


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