What is Technology have you ever thought?

In simple words, it is the way to make new things involving some craziest scientific principles.

But What it has to do with a human?

 People can use technology to: Produce goods or services. From making the smallest CPU chip consisting of millions of transistors to sending humans to moons, From making a button in your shirt to the weather predicting machine and large telescopes everywhere you look around there is Technology.

But have you ever thought about how it impacts us and what will be our future in the long run with advanced science and technology?

I’ll tell you, we can predict the long effect of technology and the tech world. It will be both positive and negative too.

Positive long effects of technology:- 


  • In the medicine world, it will be a huge turning point from treatment to surgery and medicines; everything will be at an advanced level. We could consider when our medicine is delivered through a drone.
  • In the automobile sector, we are gonna see flying cars, bikes, self-driving cars, and whatnot. Many options too will be available for acting in an eco-friendly environment.


    • In the robotics and computer world, there will be a huge advancement. Recently machine learning and artificial intelligence are on rising so we could see robots wiping utensils in tech .future


  • Communications systems will get more advanced.
  • Education, business, services everything will be affected by the advanced technology, and it’s a scientific achievement.
  • Our environment will too have a benefit as in the areas of famine or drought new research could provide help with growing crops.


But with positive, there is always some negative too

  • The worst hit by the advanced technology in the future will be our environment, trees, our natural resources 

Reason:- extreme use of natural resources and increasing land and water resources use for technology purposes.

  • Then comes the most important one health nowadays when Mobile technology is just ten years old we are suffering from insomnia, depression, concentration issues, obesity,  etc what will happen when we will use it for next decade
  • Social and family relationships will suffer a lot.

Connections will be better in future but with towers.“

  • The real-life understanding and capabilities of students will be limited to computers.

every good thing is accompanied with harm ‘’ 

So by the use of modern technology, we can grow but only to an extent. 


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