UX/UI design as a booming industry

Today is the scenario of constant creation of apps and websites so in this digital era of where the everyday number of websites and apps are being created the work to maintain these apps and websites and how they look comes under UX and UI designers. This industry is very large and gives one of the most promising careers in the upcoming decade. According to the 25th highest-paying entry-level jobs 2019’ report by Glassdoor UI and UX design is in sixth place .LinkedIn also listed it as one of the most demand skills for 2020  but before discussing UI and UX design as a booming industry, we should first know what is the work of UI and UX Designer?

 UX Design stands for “User experience design ” whereas UI design stands for “user interface design” both industries work collaboratively to give the best experience to the users. The work of the UI designers is to create the graphical layout of an app or web application. Their work consists of creating buttons that the users click,  images, slides, and all the rest of the items with which the users interact with. From screen Layout to animations to every single transition is done by UI designers 

If explained in easy words, UI designers’ work is to look at how the application will look like they have to decide the colour, shape, width of the buttons,  pages, fonts, etc.

The work of the UX designers is to decide how the user is interacting with the application whether navigating the app gives a good experience to the user or it’s difficult for them. In easy language, UX designers determine how the user interface operates and how the user is interacting with the application.

 Both the teams of UX and UI designers work very closely to design a user-friendly,  attractive, visually stimulating, and helpful application.

 So we know about what the US and UI designers do but do you know that this industry is one of the most growing and the skill is the most demanding one. But what is the reason that the UX and UI design industry is in so much demand? 

The reason is very simple

  • The use of mobile is increasing at a very fast pace. According to data, there are 3.5 billion smartphones in the world.
  •  The number of applications created every day is on the rise so the work to look at how the application will look like and how the user will interact also increases.
  • Nowadays every single business wants to come online and mark their digital presence due to which the need for the creation of user-friendly apps and websites also rises. 
  • From shopping to education,  everything is going online so to give customer satisfaction and a user-friendly application the need for jobs for UI/UX designers also increases.  According to the data more than half of the internet users use mobile phones for purchasing online.
  •  Time spent on mobile – According to research, the average of us adults spent 3 hours and 43 minutes a day on mobile devices. So online presence marks the need for good web and app applications.

By now you all will be clear that this industry gives a promising career .



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